Best cafes in Colorado


Coffee shops and cafes are omnipresent all around the United States of America and are an inherent part of the American culture. The idea of coffee shops was first undertaken up the Turkish in the 1300s, and it slowly spread across the European continent during the 17th and 18th century. As of now, the US is one of the biggest consumers of coffee in the world with its cafes, coffee shops, espresso stans and international franchisees. With time these coffee shops grew into large diners and small greasy spoons, now you could enjoy your favourite cup of coffee with a burger, sausage or a cheesecake. So here are a few cafes that you must visit if you are in Colorado.

Cafe Red Point

Cafe Red Point is located in The LinconCentre at Colorado Springs and focuses on the idea of providing its customers with nutrition-rich and gluten-free food. They offer smoothies, beverages, juices, waffles, salads and desserts, which are made keeping a healthy lifestyle in mind. The vision of this cafe is to promote healthy eating and avoiding processed food, and here at Red Point, they understand that we have been eating processed food.

Cafe Red Point

The minimal cooking which is done at our households is the heating of packaged products, and Cafe Red Point is wanting to create a difference by recognising the fact that America is in the middle of a health crisis and an economic crisis. We pay 15 dollars for a coffee which costs 15 cents and these franchises which dominate the coffee market, and the labourers are not paid well, the very people who make that coffee. Cafe Red Point is trying to experiment with a reversed model where they serve quality food at reasonable prices without cutting the labourer’s wages. All the veggies are brought from organic farms, and it is made sure that the meat has been brought from a trusted source. The core idea is to create an eating and working space which is comfortable for the customers and the employees.

Bon Ton’s Cafe

Bon Ton’s Cafe, located right in the heart of old Colorado city on route 24, is very popular among the passer-by and the locals for breakfast and lunch. Summers are very beautiful in Colorado Springs, and BonTon’s Cafe offers you indoor and outdoor seating with a chance to enjoy a lovely meal on the patio. They serve from six o’clock in the morning till three in the evening and runs half an hour late on weekends. They stick to keeping the food fresh and of a homemade style, and that’s what keeps the tables packed. Their most popular dish is divorced eggs which is a pair of eggs cooked by the preference of the customer, topped with green and red chillies, beans, bacon and served with fries and ham or sausage. You can also call them up and ask for a gluten-free menu which includes French toast, oatmeal, scrambles and pancakes.

Jives Coffee Lounge

Jives Coffee Lounge

Jives Coffee Lounge is an open space for food and music located on Highway 24 at Colorado Springs. They offer an experience of great coffee and lovely harmony with the idea of a community space in mind. They organise events and open mikes where people can enjoy their meal with a musical evening.  They promote original music by artists who also work as baristas at the cafe, and you can get to know about their upcoming events on their social media pages. They also organise Sunday Family Supper which is a community lunch with their regular customers, to become a part of this you will have to visit the cafe more than three times, and you might receive an invite.

High Rise Coffee Roasters


Established in 1995 on Cucharras St, Colorado Springs, High Rise Coffee Roasters is a wholesale and retail, family-owned gourmet coffee business. They roast their coffee beans in small amounts and stock them fresh, at any given point of time they have more than 30 different varieties of seeds at the shop. The primary objective of this cafe is to provide the users with freshly roasted coffee beans of the highest quality. From the growing of the plant to processing the final product, the family operates the business with extreme care and love. They use environment-friendly ways to produce coffee and try to consume as less energy as possible, and they have a comprehensive system of recycling their waste. They are closed on Sundays and Mondays and operate from ten in the morning till two in the afternoon.

Garden of the Gods Market and Cafe

The Garden of the Gods Market and Cafe is situated on 26th street, Colorado Springs, where you can hear the vehicles passing by at Highway 24. The cafe is particularly famous because of its friendly staff, excellent food, generous portions and great atmosphere. They support people with physical and mental disorders and allow them to use this space to enhance community engagement. Most of their products are made locally and sold locally, and the passion fruit cake is the most famous delicacy in Colorado Springs. In the market section, they sell grab and go gift baskets which have a mixture of sweet and savoury items including frozen food, bacon popcorn, bloody Mary mix, cheese and nuts. Majority of these products are made in Colorado, and you choose to customise your basket. They have been featured on FOX21’s Morning News quite a few times.